Class Descriptions


Creative Dance
Ages: 3-4
This fun, high-energy class focuses on teaching creative movement and rhythm to young children. 

Ages: 4-6
This 45 minute class introduces young dancers to Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Ages: 5-6
A more challenging class for students who respond quickly to verbal instruction through correct movement execution. Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz continue to be the focus.

This classic dance style teaches rhythm and timing while developing foot strength, technique and accuracy.

Performed with fluidity, smooth transitions and control, this super-charged dance form also shows strength, rhythmic expressiveness and explosive controlled energy and is at the foundation of many other dance forms.

Combining both traditional and modern styles of ballet, this class will help improve a dancer's skill by focusing on flexibility, technique, and precision of movement.

Hip Hop
This class incorporates modern, jazz, hip-hop and pop dances to train the dancer in fundamental dance techniques while increasing strength, flexibility and stamina.

This ever-evolving form of dance is a combination of modern, jazz and ballet. Contemporary is a beautiful,powerful style of dance that is used to convey the emotion behind the lyrics of a song.

A more intense class for the adult dancer who wants to be pushed to be the best they can be. Attention will be given to ensure correct execution and style. Students in this class will be involved in performing on stage.